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They say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Or that “it’s all for the best”. Hmmm? Is it really so? Who comes up with these sayings, anyway? Who wants to make “us” feel better about our failures, about the general misery that we swarm in, day in and day out? Are these people really generous when they come up with these little pieces of wisdom? Are they trying to fool us? Have they nothing better to do? Are we supposed to embrace all these phrases and live by them, blindly, for they’ll make everything seem less dramatic? And what’s wrong with drama, anyway? Life is what it is, and that’s that. There is no need for sweeteners – they won’t work, unless you float in a dream-like oblivion. All we need is a little bit of grace, I think. And that usually comes from within us.

Personally, I don’t believe that if you’ve survived something that could have killed you it means that you have become stronger. For the life of me I can’t swallow that. No matter how much I would be willing to try. There is no such thing as becoming stronger after you’ve been so messed up that you could have died. Both the body and the mind can, to some extent, heal themselves, but there’s always a scar tissue involved. And a scared tissue loses its elasticity, permeability, sensitivity and all that… jazz. It doesn’t function properly anymore. We do not become stronger, people. We become NUMB! It’s a different story, altogether.


5 comentarii

  1. 🙂
    I have to say to you something!
    I ‘ll come back as soon as possible
    You miss !!!

  2. i’ll be waiting… 🙂
    miss you too!

  3. hmmm… acilea-i mai complicat oleaca, nu-s chiar de acord cu tine. poa o sa dezvolt. da mai la noapte, acu-s la munca… hai pa!

  4. What’s going on?

    do you practice psycholgy?

    I am already NUMB!
    if the worst comes to the worst….

  5. ana-maria, i don’t practice yet, but i hope i will, one good day. 🙂 until then, i’ll just let myself swim in uncertain waters, without any form ofg… eye protection. i might end up blind, but then again, i might end up seeing better. it’s all a mystery anyway…
    and if you are numb… that’s exactly my point

    dezvolta atunci… vreau sa vad de ce nu esti „chiar” de acord. polemizeaza la vale!

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